Memorial day 2015 Thank you to all Veterans.

This Memorial day 2015, I want to give a big Thank You to those that served, Those that protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States. As time passes by many forget that we are endowed by are creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, And the pursuit of happiness. Those that serve put their lives on the line, suspend their Liberty to their commanders, and postpone their pursuit of happiness for themselves and their families for our freedom. It is important that we not forget this.


(Sung to the tune of My old friend John)


Has anyone here seen my old friend Glen

Can you tell me where he’s gone?

He saved a lot of people

probably over a video

I guess i rely don’t know.


Anybody here seen my old friend Ty

Can you tell me where he’s gone?

He saved a lot of people

probably over a video

I guess I really don’t know.


Has anyone here seen Ambassador Stephens

Can you tell me where he’s gone?

He tried to help people.

probably over a video.

I guess I really don’t know.


Didn’t you love the things they stood for?

They stood up for freedom in Benghazi

They would not let things be.

They fought for freedom not a video you see.


Has anyone here seen their flag draped coffins.

Has anyone lied to their kin?

Bald face lies to their grieving faces,

That was our coward Hillary.


Rest in Peace Glen Doherty                                          Rest in Peace Ty Woods             Rest in Peace Chris Stephens                                       Rest in Peace Sean Smith



Pubs of Dublin the oldest, longest, smallest,

pubs of DublinA friend of mine is heading over to Dublin for what turns out to be a long weekend, a Wednesday to Sunday  jaunt from Boston. First off I was jealous, but then the talk turned to my favorite part of such a trip, the pubs of Dublin.

Now the oldest pub is the Brazen Head by ChristChurch, it has a nice outside courtyard, good food, 3 bars inside, and plenty of touristy attractions. Many a Dublin bar will have a cabaret type Irish music dance show to entertain the tourists, but despite it’s long history the oldest pub in Dublin is a bit too commercial for this consumer of Arthur Guinness’ wares. Though it won’t make it on the Dublin A list of pubs, I really enjoyed O’Shea’s Merchant just across the street. The best Trad music you are apt to find, good food, and kind of a true feel you look for in a pub.

The longest of the pubs of Dublin is attributed to the “Hole in the wall” pub by Phoenix park in Dublin. Now by the name you would think it to be a small little hole in the wall place, but it turns out to be a a converted carriage house which is why it is the longest pub in Dublin. The story goes that pints were passed thru a hole inthe wall to soilders after curfew and the longer you stay and get to know the locals the more you believe it to be true.

The smallest of the pubs of I Dublin, is attributed to Dawsons lounge. When size matters I guess it’s best to market your short comings and turn it to your advantage. A cozy little bar that cramps up on the weekends as all want to say they have been to the smallest bar in Dublin.

pubs of dublin

If you are heading to Dublin I have two favorite pubs of Dublin for two completely different reasons. The first is O’Donoghue’s by Stephens Green. I think I love O’Donoghues so much because the times I have been there have been during the off peak tourist times. The music sessions attract all we lovers of Irish trad and during peak season it gets crowded. The music has always been authentic the many times I’ve dropped in to O’Donoghue’s, and a good time was always had. When people ask me what the word “craic” means I always think about nights in O’Donoghue’s.

pubs of Dublin

Nearys Pub Dublin is a favorite for an entirely different reason. There are times when you want to have a pint of plain with a friend or just enjoy some solitude and Neary’s is the best pub in Dublin to do this. Now it will crowd up on the weekends and it gets it fair share of the after work crowd as well, but that being said Neary’s is as old school, classic, just what I want to be in, type of Dublin pub. The entrance way adorned with two globes being held by statuesque arms extending  from  the exterior walls, beckon you in. There is a back entrance adjoining the Gaiety theater and the  lounge upstairs furnished with arm chairs and couches, Paintings, very comforting. This excerpt from Tom Sweeney’s travel blog might sum it up the best——

“If you want the sound of bodhrans being belted and tin whistles being tooted, there are plenty of places in the city that provide traditional music, but in Neary’s it’s all about traditional values and the sound of convivial conversation. Mind you, the sooner the one-tune, guitar-murdering busker who deafens shoppers in nearby Grafton Street gets electrocuted by his own amplifier, the better. Then he, and everyone else within half-a-mile, can rest in peace.”

So please remember use a little pub etiquette when you frequent these fine Pubs of Dublin  as the last thing you want to be is that loud tourist the locals wish ill upon,



Raised on songs and stories

There are few songs, at least in modern times that evoke as much feel for the Irish than the great Pete St John’s “Rare old times”. The line that strikes at the core is the iconic “Raised on songs and stories” I think it is what separates a true Irishman from the rest.


raised on songs and storiesThis Saturday night last I went to the local Irish Cultural Center in Canton Ma. to hear a young girl and her acoustic guitar play a few tunes. The bar was full of Rugby players fresh off the pitch and some aspiring footballers taking in some pre season practice. The songs she sang were mainly American country songs with a few pop hits thrown in. I know, I know, what does this have to do with Raised on songs and stories? Be patient I’ll get there.

When the boys are fresh off a match, or watching a match, the discussions and attentions in the pub afterwards are about the match. The music is an after thought, a nice after thought, but not the main attraction.

raised on songs and stories

The young lady did know one Irish traditional song, and with a slight introduction that it was her father’s favorite song and hoped she did it the justice it deserved she belted out her version of “Grace”. Well you know those Rugby players all stopped their banter as a really nice, passionate, version of “Grace” caught them. At the songs conclusion, a round of applause from all, a bless his soul for Jim McCann for he has recently passed, and did she know any Luke Kelly.


Raised on songs and stories, The songs about Irish heroes forever retold in music, forever appreciated by generations young and old. The telling of the story is important, the singing of the song is important, that doing the song the respect it deserves is of utmost importance. I suppose that’s what Pete ST. John instinctively knew when he wrote that line, that all Irish are held together with a thread of story and song.

Not a bad way to be raised at all, I can think of no better,



New Irish music release, Billy Treacy

New Irish Music “Head above Water” by Billy Treacy

What’s harder than learning your musical craft, gigging around the pubs of Dublin, becoming a mainstay at The Dublin Ha’Penny Bridge Inn, forging your own way in the musical world, Irish and otherwise, and going forth with a new Irish Music release?

New Irish music

Not much.

Well maybe getting the word out comes close. So thanks to a pre release copy of Billy’s CD Head above Water, this humble blog will hopefully help this talented artist’s music be heard.

How to describe Head above Water,

Let me count the ways,

  1. First off it’s a little bit of Folk Rock with songs like “Sick and tired” and “Woe” that definitely have a Dylan feel to them.
  2. Then their are some nice balladeering love songs like “Audrey” and “Days past”
  3. A few Traditional Irish folk songs 2 to be more specific, “Sam Hal” and a nice version of the “Parting Glass” paying homage to his roots no doubt.
  4. Even some trad tunes running along side his description of the Temple Bar night life on “Temple Bar”

All in all a nice tightly conceived and produced CD. This is definitely a contemporary work, these tunes would be as comfortable in The US as in Dublin. Except for the two old traditional Irish folk tunes all other of the songs were written and arranged by Billy Treacy. His commentary on the current affairs of his part of the world are universal in their meaning and strike a common chord amongst all free men.

Billy Treacy can be reached at his website

Maybe it’s time to reach out to the hardworking musicians out there as they keep the song tradition alive and contact his website and give his CD a go.

I would like to thank Billy for his reaching out to this humble blog and for letting us hear his head above water Cd just before Its launch date of April 15.

Good Luck.



Doherty not Clinton for president.

Hillary Clinton has made it official, she wants to rule America.
I wish for something else.

I propose Glen Doherty for president over Hillary Clinton. You do remember Glen Doherty?
A nice Irish name Doherty.
A nice Irish-American boy Glen Doherty.

But why would you Choose Glen Doherty over Hillary Clinton, let’s compare.

1. Glen Doherty put his life on the line for his country and faced death to free American lives in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton lied, ignored the Threat in Benghazi, leading to the Death Of the American Ambassador Chris Stephens.

2. Glen Doherty Taught White water rafting.

Hillary tried to swindle people in The White Water Real estate deal in Arkansas.

3. Glen Doherty Loved life, loved adventure, loved his friends and his country

Hillary Clinton loves power, loves money, loves rationalizing, loves the ends she loves, by any means.
Don’t ask me, ask the people she has touched, ask Vince Foster former personal lawyer, ask Ambassador Stephens,
Ask Ty Woods, hell ask some of their friends like Ron Brown or personal body guards, but unfortunately they are like Glen Doherty, dead, and un able to answer.

4. Glen Doherty made a pact to become a Navy Seal if he had not found his calling by the age of thirty.

Hillary made a pact to cover up bimbo eruptions for her husband. Funny how the war on women folks never mention the lives of women destroyed by the dynamic Clinton duo.
Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and of course Monica. But as long as their prodigy is safe that’s all that matters.

5. Glen traveled from Tripoli to Benghazi to aid his fellow Seal Ty woods and come to the aid of Ambassador Stephens and staff at the sovereign American soil of the US Embassy.

Hillary took control of the White house travel office, fires Billy Dale, tries to frame him for embezzlement. The ends justify the means, there was money to be made in the travel office and she wanted her people in there.

Ah Money. The root of all evil? No. The Root of her greed, probably.
Cattle futures —-$1,000 turns to $100,000—Cattlegate
White water—— may never Know–because of File gate—Billing recordsgate–

Then there is current income

According to Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton has made a whopping twelve million dollars since she left the Department of State 16 months ago. This comes from three primary sources: her latest memoir, her speeches, and her appearances for companies.

Her latest memoir, Ha- How much was sales and how much was bribe, er, advance–
“Senator-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton agreed last night to sell Simon & Schuster a memoir of her years as first lady, for the near-record advance of about $8 million.

Then of course there are the speeches, 27 speeches that is. Can you guess how much a speech from the wife of a former president and incompetent secretary of state is worth?

if you said $100 dollars an hour you would be wrong.

if you said $1000 dollars a speech you would be wrong.

$10,000? No

$100,00? No but we are half way there

Yes 200,000 a pop, mostly to Universities and woman’s groups. So glad tuitions are increasing to pay for these inspirational verbiage. But, in the end if some one is going to pay her, God love her, she believes in good old capitalism, for herself anyways. I’m sure her appearances to the hated corporations have no strings attached.

And then there is the Clinton foundation, maybe after they investigate more about this money trail we may know more about the reason of her Benghazi lies. Lots of foreign money from that part of the world coming in to this “charitable” foundation.

But what do I know, I’m just a guy who likes Irish music, and freedom.

My advice is to use this internet thing and investigate your choices, while the internet is still allowed to give all sides to issues, and make up your own mind.

As for me I would vote for a deceased Navy Seal who loved his country over Mrs. Clinton in a heartbeat, If only Glen Doherty had the same choice.

This site will return to it’s main goal of Irish music next week.



New Irish songs and Irish artists

Now that another year has wrapped up, meaning The St. Patrick’s Day Irish music extravaganzas have subsided, it’s time to recall the new Irish songs and Irish singers who are making their mark in the music world.

New Irish songs

We’ll Start off with Billy Treacy.

Billy has a new cd on the way, which we’ll review soon, but my hats off to Mr Treacy and their friends who are gigging in Dublin and marketing like all get out. The music business is a tough one, the hardest part might be the plugging yourself and keeping your nose to the grindstone while you “wait” to be discovered. That being said Here’s Billy Treacy with his song “Woe”.

The next new Irish song was sent in from a reader of this humble blog.

James Gallagher proud Galway man.

While trying to upload this video of Mr. Gallagher I came across a Busking documentary where He is interviewed. It was reassuring to hear his opinion on Irish music. You could feel he loved the Irish folk tradition, and was proud to carry on the tradition.  It made my heart feel good to hear a true Irish folk artist who was happy to sing the Irish songs people want to hear.

The Next New Irish song or more precise new Irish singers of old Irish songs, We’ll revisit the lads from Drogheda, Robbed and Lynched


And we’ll end this little tidbit of Irish music with my favorite Irish traditional band The Ivy Leaf. to be more accurate it would be The Ivy Leaf and friends recorded at a house concert in Boston. I especially like the Flute playing in this video.

So If you are a struggling Irish artist send in a link and we’ll spread the word.

If you happen to be a lover of Irish music well checkout these new Irish artists, share, like, link. Find out where they are playing, buy some of their music, they don’t call them struggling artist for no reason.




Spuds potatoes and snow madness

Ok sometimes I just get bored and silly. So in the name of nothing too substantial and for a bit of fun we have a little song of spuds for you. Sung to the tune of winter wonderland in honor of winter hopefully relenting, I beg you remember the tune and the changes in the tune so hopefully the words fit the melody.


spuds in transition







Eating Taters With Another side of Spuds.

(sung to the tune of winter wonderland)


The dinner bell rings, and I’m hoping.

For spuds boiled, fried, or roasting,

A dinner delight,

We’re having tonight,

Eating taters with another side of spuds.


Some say chicken, beef, or che-ese,

Maybe cabbage, kale, or p-eas,

But give me that starch,

it helps to march,

Eating taters with another side of spuds


On the table their is mashed and roasties, a side of colcannon is just right.

Maybe then we’ll all be having  boxty?

Nothing could be a better sight.

Later on we’ll retire,

To a plate ever higher,

Crisps filled to the brim, Some for her and for him

Eating taters with another side of spuds


On the table there is mashed and roasties,

No way it could be a better bite,

We’ll have fun with all the mashed and  roasties

Add a side of crisps to make it right.


When spuds grow,

The ground is tilling

Smelling champ is so thrilling

Eating curry and chips, crisps and some dip

Eating taters with another side of spuds


Eating taters with another side of spuds

Eating taters with another side of spuds.


Yes the snow has finally gotten to my senses, thank God spring is on the way and the sun has strengthened to melt that white stuff. If anyone els has come to their wits end, or perhaps has a rhyme or poem they would like to share, leave a comment and share share share.


Gobnait O’Lúnasa.

Happy St Patricks Day from Boston

Happy St Patricks Day.

In Boston we have loudmouth politicians

St. Patricks Day Boston






Some who think they’re Irish and some who are of Irish descent.

In Boston we have a wonderful St Patricks Day Parade, Really makes you want to show your pride.

Happy St Patricks day Boston







The hard part is finding a good seat, so to speak.

Happy St. Patricks Day Boston








So with all due respect to Saint Patrick,

St. Patricks Day Boston







The Best Part of St Patricks Day Boston, is the music.

You would have a hard time beating Saturdays show of Shannon and Matt Heaton, John Coyne, and Joey Arbata with their trad, played so well.

You would have a hard time beating Paul Kenny and Patsy Whelan with the knockout combination of dynamite vocals and hot instrumentals playing the mix of Folk classics I need to hear for St Patricks Day.

But my favorite music is heard around the kitchen counter in my own house, No the notes are not as pure as the pro’s, but the feeling is pure, pure fun. It’s the day Gerry Hailler is Irish and pulls out the guitar and plays his best backing to “The old triangle”, “Finnegan’s wake”, and even McGinnty’s Goat. It’s the day my youngest who used to be one of the kids relegated to the cellar, now is singing a sweet version of “Grace”. It’s the day when our oldest daughter after playing around the pubs of Boston gets to play a slow air for the old man. It’s the day when I am allowed to sing a song or two myself, a passable version of “The Water is Wide” or “A man you don’t meet everyday”.

But after the meal is consumed and the songs are sung and a pint or two is consumed, after all in the house go to bed and it’s just me and Arthur Guinness rummaging through the cds, I pick out my favorites.

The parting glass is poured and Paddy Reilly is selected and the day is extended for just one more song.



Orthodox Celts Paddys day in Belgrade

For those who don’t know how to celebrate St. Patricks Day you might want to check out the Orthodox Celts. I was checking out their website and found this new release available for download and was blown away. So many artists from around the world not only carry on the Irish tradition of music but blaze a trail of pure joy, passion, and fierceness.

It does my heart good to know that while Ireland’s emigrant sons and daughters will be striking a blow for freedom and passing on the Irish music tradition here in Boston, that over in Belgrade, Serbia’s favorite Irish band will be rocking ST. Patricks day to the sound of the Orthodox Celts.     (Only a band of their stature deserves a run on sentence like the last one.)

Do yourself a favor and listen to a good rebel song with a Serbian brogue and powerful vocals by lead singer and powerhouse, Aleksandar Petrović – Lead VocalDejan Lalić.

Listen to good Irish reels, with Mandolins, fiddles, Bodhrans, guitars, and one of the best whistle players around, just good stuff. Yes I copied the fellows names from their website, yes my western brain has a hard time with the names of who does what, but my Irish ears don’t have any problem appreciating great Music, Great Irish Music at that.

                         The Orthodox Celts Paddys Day favorite


Aleksandar Petrović – Lead VocalDejan Lalić – Octave Mandola, Mandolin, Back VocalsNikola Stanojević – ViolinBojan Petrović – Whistles, Back VocalsVladan Jovković – Acc. Guitar, Back VocalsDejan Grujić – Bass, Back VocalsDušan Živanović – Drums,

So I’m off to get the feast ready for the 17th, ready to have mobs filled with Irish pride strike a blow for ……………..


Orthodox celts


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all.

You might also like this previous article about the Orthodox Celts. Orthodox Celts rock irish music.




March 17 is coming fast, learn an Irish song.

March 17 is coming and it’s time to prepare. I’m not talking about cleaning the parlor, scrubbing the fridge, or swabbing the commode, though my wife might disagree. No a more important task needs to be addressed- It’s time to learn a new Irish song.

Don’t be caught of guard this St. Patrick’s Day, don’t be that guy, You know that guy who knows some of the chorus of a few famous songs but thinks he knows them all. It kind of goes like this-

“Oh I love that song, let me see how does it go?”  “Low lies the fields of Athenry where ah no I know it, how does that go, low lies the field of Athenry where once I listened to Freebird live, No that’s not it, let me try another.”

March 17

That’s not how it goes knuckle head, come on it’s almost St Paddys.




So let’s start today to prepare for March 17.

  • Pick a song you like. A good folk song performance depends on the energy and feel of the singer, and nothing helps more than singing a song you truly love
  • Find a version of the song performed by an artist you like. Know that many folk songs lyrics are different for the same song. Each artist has his own take and interpretation of a song.
  • Sing the version appropriate for you.
  • Listen to your version, notice the inflections, figure out if you can handle the high and low notes.
  • learn one stanza at a time, do not go on to a second stanza until the first is fully learned.
  • Like the Twelve days of Christmas sing your now remembered stanzas every time you learn a new stanza, ingraining the song into your memory.

So now you are ready for March 17 th, well not quite.

Good you have learned a hearty Irish song, now it’s time to make sure you have the feeling of the song. Try to envision what was going on when your favorite Irish song was penned. Some songs will be a tribute to rebel sons, some will be of futile courage, some will be of drunken maidens or hungry goats. Whatever the condition be it rebels or goats know what  the song has conveyed for all it’s history and re singing.

Be careful to pick a song you can handle, many an Irish song will have a chorus you love only to have high or lows in it’s body that are just out of mere mortals range. But again if you love the song most will forgive a strained note or two.

Don’t be surprised if your favorite Irish artist’s version and the song writers version are out of whack. A lot of artists rearrange stanzas and skip many stanzas completely, again it’s your call on what version you like.

There are a couple of common pit falls you should try to avoid.

  1. Sing with your own accent, try to avoid a forced fake Irish accent. The artists I listen to all sing with an Irish accent, you will find yourself slipping into an Irish accent on occasion. As long as you are not trying to be something you’re not, no one will hold it against you.
  2. Wait for your turn to sing, don’t force your way in.
  3. Try not to sing a really long song, the point is to add to the revelry not to make peoples eyes roll back into their heads.

So this March 17 be prepared, have your Irish song at the ready, shock your friends and family and let that song out. It’s a lot of fun.