Irish folk singers are all women

Now before any of you burly male Irish folk singers get your kilts out of whack, I’m not calling you women. It seems that in this stage of Irish folk, my favorites, the Irish folk singers that sing with such feeling and talent seem to all be women.

Irish Folk singers

Irish folk singers?

I posted a youtube video on the last post of Irish folk singer Luke Kelly, and renowned blogger Emerald at agrees that Luke Kelly is legendary. It is said his like will not be seen again, I thought at least a few men would attempt it though. With the passing of Luke, and other giants of folk music Ronnie Drew, Barney McKenna, Tommy Makem, few are left to carry on. Where are you young fellas to keep the music alive, Paddy Reilly won’t live forever you know.

So I went a searching for some male Irish folk singers on the computer and youtube, and with every decent fella that gave it an attempt I would find a better, more soulful, and just can’t be beat lady, singing a better version. So Here’s to the women of Irish Music and beyond.

Delores Keane, Incredible. She does a lot of original and crossover stuff, but I love her versions of classic Irish folk music.

Maura O’Connell, singing The water is wide, slow and haunting version.

Niamh Parsons, I’ve seen Niamh twice now in person, in small cozy halls, where her beautiful soulful voice just takes hold. She’s a very nice person to talk with as well, very normal.

The Corrs better known for the modern pop rock style, the girls aren’t ashamed of their Irish roots and do several Irish folk songs with a bit of updating.

I think I could go on and on, Mary Black, Frances Black, Dervish, the ladies are the backbone of todays Irish folk scene. Many would say that there are plenty of male musicians and singers. They would be right, but these fellas are primarily trad artists. They have done a great job resurrecting and forwarding the traditional Irish tunes. There is a difference. For just good old Ballads and folk songs I think the fellas need to remember their roots or keep a bottle of folk viagra around for the few that are left.


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