Irish pub songs, The Ten best.

With St Patricks day just around the corner it’s time to brush up on your Irish pub songs.

Irish pub songs

Now remember the rules when singing an Irish song.

  • Know the words.
  • Pick a song you love
  • Pick a song you can handle
  • Pick a song other folks can sing along with
  • Sing your Irish pub song with confidence.

I was going to make a list of what not to pick when singing an Irish pub song, but I’ll leave that to another post or for you to add to comments.

Top Ten Irish pub songs

  1. Whiskey in the Jar
  2. Dirty old Town
  3. A Man you don’t Meet everyday
  4. Dicey Riley
  5. Hills of Connemara
  6. The Holy Ground
  7. Isn’t it Grand Boys
  8. Finnegan’s Wake
  9. Jug of Punch
  10. Whiskey you’re the Devil

Now the hard part, or as I like to say the most enjoyable part, learn the words.

Learning lyrics to your Irish pub songs.

The best way to learn the words to your favorite Irish pub songs is to listen to a version from an Irish musician you like. When I learned “Traveling People” I listened to Luke Kelly’s version. Learn the song in parts, learn the first verse first, really get it down before you go on. Work you way forward. Make sure you repeat the first verse when learning the second and third verses. You are training your mind and getting it used to word prompts.

When learning a song it’s good to visualize what is happening. In “The Traveling People”     I can see an Old traveler recounting his days, it really helps to remember the song if you can, really lose yourself in it. Knowing the words and being passionate about singing it is the key.

If you need lyrics to see, checkout this musicians web page, he’s done all the work for linking to Irish songs from A to Z no use re-inventing the wheel.

Learn an Irish song, maybe one of the top ten Irish pub songs, and let your voice be heard.

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Don’t be afraid, Sing your Irish Song.



2 thoughts on “Irish pub songs, The Ten best.

  1. Thanks for a great list of songs, Brian. Learning all the words is always the hard bit, but I at least get to know the chorus to be able to join in.
    All the best,

    • Hi Mairead, seems my comment reader is slipping, ah well, This is the year you start off the party with a song of your own. No, Mairead the room won’t empty, it will be the highlight of the night. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello, there will probably another list or two befor St. Paddys day arrives, as it is what i love. A good Irish soda bread recipe might be in order, Cheeers,

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