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Cooking the corned beef ?>

Cooking the corned beef

It’s the day before St Patricks Day and you are getting a little apprehensive about cooking the corned beef. I mean the corned beef your aunt Susie cooked was tough and salty and made you wish you had a dog under the table. So a couple of suggestions to make cooking the corn beef an easy and delicious event. Either use the search bubble at the top of the page or check the links to these post as they give…

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Corned beef dinner ?>

Corned beef dinner

How to cook the best corned beef dinner; The most important step in cooking a corned beef dinner is simmering the meat until the meat is fork tender. By simmering I mean just barely bubbling not a full boil. If the meat is cook on a full boil all the moisture of the meat is squeezed out and you are left with a tough tasteless hockey puck. So you take a large pot that allows enough room for the meat…

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