Visiting Ireland for the first time?

The High time for visiting Ireland is fast approaching, the months of June, July, and August, are perfect for a family trip.

visiting Ireland

Visiting Ireland , a few tips

What to expect when Visiting Ireland


Festivals! A nice way to plan your trip to Ireland is to find a festival and explore that section of the country. My favorite festival would contain traditional Irish music, or traditional Irish folk music, but their are a myriad of others to choose from. From theDingle traditional music Festival in Kerry to the Galway Oyster festival to The Rory Gallagher festival in Cork to the Bray summerfest in Wicklow, there’s plenty to do. Check out  Irish festivals 2013  for more Ideas

visiting ireland

Dublin an the famous Grafton st.


When visiting Ireland during the summer expect it to be a bit crowded as this is the high time for tourists. The sights everyone has heard of and wants to see, will be crowded with people trying to see them. Be patient, and explore a bit off the main sights and roads. The best part of visiting Ireland is had in small stores and pubs in little towns no one has heard of outside Ireland.

Be polite and act like a guest. The local population is known for their friendly inviting way. Do yourself a favor and be polite. The pub is a great place for a chat, provided you use proper pub etiquette. Please remember that In Ireland you drive on the opposite side of the street not the wrong side of the street. When you need transport from a friend in a vehicle it’s called a lift not a ride.

visiting ireland, glendalough


B&B’s are lovely places to stay but be aware they charge by the person not the room. Hotels in many cases will be a better value, especially around the town centers. It can pay to compare, though the location makes a big difference in your enjoyment when visiting Ireland.

The last of these quick tips for visiting Ireland deals with a courtesy that is extended to hotel guests that is quite foreign to we American visitors. If you stay in a hotel with a bar, the bar is available to you after hours.

An example:  Upon coming back from dinner and visiting in Galway city I rang to be let into my Hotel room at the Spanish Arch hotel. There’s a fellow there doing a bit of cleanup who asks  “Would you like a pint before turning in?” I told him that would be nice, but I didn’t want to make him stay late. His reply made it easy to enjoy a pint, “I’ll be here till 8 am. glad to have some company.”

Ireland has many sides to explore when visiting Ireland, The landscapes, seascapes, people, customs, history, genealogy, art, music, and even a pub or two. Remember to relax, and follow the tips for enjoying your time.


3 thoughts on “Visiting Ireland for the first time?

  1. Very informative article Brian. I agree with you that Ireland has got a lot of places to see. I think one of the most famous places is Dublin, and so many people go there, especially during the summer.

    • I’ve written many times about Dublin, yes It’s a great place to be any time of the year. Hope your Dublin bus tour does well, a nice way to see the city,

  2. Hi Brian, the weather is finally turning to spring here, swallows arrived, hedgerows bursting into life– hope to see loads of visitors soon 🙂

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